Mahaney Law Office has been servicing the communities of Eastern Massachusetts for over 75 years.


We were introduced to Gerry through a mutual friend at a time when we were overwhelmed by legal and financial problems resulting from an unscrupulous contractor who abruptly abandoned our project.  Several liens were placed upon our property due to the contractor’s nonpayment, and our bank had frozen the remainder of our construction loan in response.  We were panicked.  With two young children and an unfinished home renovation, we were desperate for a solution.  Gerry’s counsel immediately put us at ease.  He guided us, step by step, through the tricky legalities of mechanics liens and kept us continuously informed of what he was doing to move our case forward.  His expertise, calm demeanor, humor and accessibility helped us turn around a terrible situation and ultimately win our case.  The liens were removed, our loan was released and we were able to move on with our lives.  Gerry is a true gentleman and gave us faith and hope at a time when we most needed it.  We are so grateful to have worked with him and couldn’t have been more pleased with the whole experience.

Michael and Jennifer Fiorentino

Mahaney Law Office was instrumental in helping me through a challenging time both emotionally and physically.  Following an accident that I suffered a back injury, my family was devastated and did not know where to turn as we were dealing with a vast array of doctors, medical bills, and overpowering emotions that left us numb and confused.  Gerry was unbelievable as he walked us through a complex legal process making it easy to understand my rights as the victim of a no-fault accident.  He listened and answered all questions, no matter how inconsequential and was even available on weekends.  He handled all aspects of my case and I cannot express my gratitude for what he has done in helping me get my life back on track.

Nick Rockwell

I have known Gerry Mahaney for 39 years and he has been our family lawyer for 28 of those years.  He is someone you like to have on your side.  He knows how to protect your legal rights as he pursues justice for you.  He shows a strong dedication for his clients’ wellbeing.   Gerry has brought my family and myself thru small as well as complicated legal situations, from Purchase of Sale for a new home to fighting a long drawn out estate battle that lasted several years which included a number of other family members also involved with the estate.  But Gerry stayed the course and the case was settled equitably in my family’s favor.   He also helped my elderly dad after a car accident in which the car was totaled.  He fought the insurance company for additional compensation for my dad.  We were all very appreciative.  As a family, we have great respect for Gerry as a lawyer and a friend.

Debbie Doucette

Gerry Mahaney handled my divorce case – a case which looked to be very simple but in the end was more complex than I had allowed for.  Part parish priest and part pit bull, he was exactly the right person for my personal situation.  Gerry was patient, methodical, prepared, responsive, precise, and he obtained exactly the result I wanted.  I personally saw that anyone facing him in court or deposition had best be on their game.  Frankly, he gave me my life back.  I give him my highest and unqualified recommendation.


I came to Mahaney Law Offices in desperate need of guidance when I decided to end my marriage legally. Gerry Mahaney was compassionate, reassuring, and knowledgable. He guided me through a very frightening time and helped me through many confusing and emotional issues. Gerry’s experience always made me feel comfortable and I always felt like I knew what to expect during the divorce process. Mahaney Law was top notch in helping me secure a future for myself and my children. Thank you.


One of my strongest memories I have is how you demonstrated an on target ability to not only read the current situation but using your experience you also acted pro-actively. Through out the divorce experience you kept me focused on the things I could change and steered me away from wasting time and energy on things that were out of my control. I felt you appreciated that I was sad to be ending a marriage and that was important to me. I was grateful that you took the time to learn about the person I was and how ending my marriage would effect me personally, professionally, financially and most importantly as a Mother. I have not forgotten your kindness and sense of humor. I feel lucky, I have healed and moved on in my life. Thank you for your help.


Attorney Gerard Mahaney successfully represented me a personal injury case. He offers courteous, ethical, and prompt service. He returns phone calls promptly and he keeps the client up to date with the progress of the case. He is supportive during depositions, forcefully advocates for clients, and presents realistic outcomes to clients.  He moves the paper work along in a timely manner while he understands the need for time for the client to heal from injuries. Mr.Gerard Mahaney of the  Mahaney Law Office in Natick, Massachusetts provides legal services in a way which lets the client know that he cares personally about their case.


I have had the pleasure working with Attorney Gerry Mahaney over the last few years on a business related case that took my personal focus off my business initially.  However, after a few meetings with Attorney Mahaney, I was able to get back to running my business while Attorney Mahaney focused on all the legal issues I was faced with.  Not only did I have the utmost confidence and trust in his abilities, but Attorney Mahaney was able resolve my case favorably.  All during the process, I was kept informed and educated which gave me a piece of mind knowing that I had the best Attorney representing me.  I continue to share my experience with peers and refer Attorney Mahaney without hesitation.