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DISCLAIMER: The results in these cases are specific to the legal circumstances of each of the individual clients cases and should not be used to form an expectation of the possible outcome of any other cases. Clients in similar matters, without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each case, will have a completely unique outcome.


Ms. AS

Ms. AS was a 19 year old employee/administrative assistant for a small company on the south shore. One evening after most everyone had left, Ms. AS was approached by her employer who attempted to embrace her and speak of his romantic intentions. His actions required Ms. S to flee in fear from the building. Ms. S was so traumatized by this assault that she immediately left her employment. She would later seek therapy for the emotional injuries that occurred as a result of this assault. Through the efforts of this office, a Complaint was brought before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and a subsequent lawsuit was filed in the Middlesex Superior Court. These Actions resulted in an award of damages in the amount of two hundred fifty thousand ($250,000.00) dollars for the emotional trauma and its results.


Ms. JB

Ms. JB is the owner of a small business in the Metro West area. As the result of mistakes made by her insurance agency and insurer, she found her workmen’s compensation insurance lapsed. During this time an employee was alleged to have been injured and sought benefits. Through the efforts of this office we successfully defended her in a separate action brought by the employee who was shown to have grossly overstated his injury. By obtaining a contribution from the insurer which had mishandled her account the case successfully settled with the employee for that contribution.


Mr. and Mrs. GP

Mr. and Mrs. GP were renting half of a duplex in the Metro West area. At the end of their lease, they made arrangements to move to a new location. After moving their landlord refused to return the damage deposit claiming that there were damages when in fact there were none. Through the efforts of this office, a Complaint Under the Consumer Protection Act Chapter 93A was brought. It was discovered during our investigation that the Landlord had failed to properly handle the damage deposit as required by law. This eventually resulted in our clients receiving a judgment of three times the original damage deposit ($4,500.00) plus all our attorney’s fees and costs were ordered to be paid for by the landlord.


Mr. VT

Mr. VT had been married for three years and had a two year old son. After separating his wife kidnapped their two-year-old son and fled to Florida where she refused to allow Mr. VT access to their son. Through the efforts of this office an Order of the Court was obtained giving Mr. VT Sole Custody of the Minor Child. Subsequently cooperating with law enforcement and other counsel in Florida the child’s location was discovered and Mr. VT’s son was returned to him in Massachusetts.


Ms. CR

Ms. CR had previously received a divorce and was struggling to make ends meet with modest child support being paid by her former husband. After the divorce, Ms.R’s ex-husband left his previous employment and began his own company. Eventually this company became very successful, hiring approximately fifteen (15) employees. This office was hired to seek Modification of the previous Child Support Order reflecting Mr. AR’s increased income from his new business. Despite Mr. AR’s statements to the contrary, through the efforts of this office and the use of a forensic accountant his stated annual income of fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars was shown to be false. A forensic accountant analyzing company records determined his income to be in excess of two hundred fifty thousand ($250,000.00) dollars. The husband had been paying most of his personal expenses through the business account and taking them as deductions. The court awarded a substantial increase in Child Support together with requiring Mr. AR to pay our fees and costs.


Mr. HA

Mr. HA was an elderly widower without children. He suffered from early signs of dementia. When he became ill, two of his nieces separately and independent of each other were able to convince him to execute two different wills. Each of these wills gave his entire Estate to a different niece. At the time of his death, he had been under the care of one of these nieces who had been appointed his guardian by the Probate Court. This guardian would subsequently steal all of his assets and hide them in an off-shore account where they would eventually be lost. After his death, the two wills would both be thrown out by the court, leaving an intestate estate (no Will) which would then lead our client (a third, previously uninvolved niece) to a share of the estate. This office representing the third niece, was able to prosecute the insurer who had issued a Surety Bond for the guardian. The results were our obtaining for our client those funds which had been stolen from the estate and to which she was entitled. This amounted to over four hundred thousand ($400,000.00) dollars. Together with an order for the insurer to pay our fees and costs.


Mr. DB

Mr. DB was the son and co-executor of his father’s estate. Together with his sister, they were charged with administering that Estate for the benefit of all the siblings. This duty included gathering the father’s assets and after paying all final bills, dividing the balance amongst their siblings. Mr. AB’s sister was in possession of bank accounts which she held jointly with deceased father during his lifetime and she refused to include this amount in the Estate. This law office, on behalf of Mr. B brought an action against the sister to recover the funds she had taken. Enlisting the cooperation of the deceased father’s previous lawyer, this office was able to prove that the funds were held in joint name for the convenience of the father while he was alive and that it was never the father’s intention to give those accounts to his daughter and exclude his other children. After trial in the Probate and Family Court, the Judge ordered the bank accounts and other items turned over to the Estate, removed the daughter as co-executor, and ordered the daughter to pay this firm’s attorney’s fees and costs.


Ms. AB

Ms. AB was an educator. While driving home one evening, a car headed in the opposite direction suddenly turned in front of her resulting in a collision. Our client’s car was totaled. Ms. AB suffered a broken wrist which required surgery as well as various bruises and contusions. The driver of the other vehicle was a foreign student who left the country shortly after the accident. Ms. AB’s medical bills as a result of the injuries amounted to thousands of dollars. This office initiated a lawsuit in the Middlesex Superior Court. We enlisted the help of an orthopedic specialist from Massachusetts General Hospital to evaluate her injuries and evaluate her permanent loss of function. As a result of the efforts of this office, Ms AB received a settlement of seventy-five thousand ($75,000.00) dollars together with the payment of her medical bills together with the cost of replacement of her vehicle.


Ms. KM

Ms. KM was a passenger on a motorcycle operated by her husband. A car approaching the motorcycle from the opposite direction suddenly turned in front of them. Ms. KM was thrown from the bike striking her head on the curb. Ms. KM would spend months in a coma before regaining consciousness. After release from the hospital she began to exhibit the symptoms of severe head injury which went unnoticed. Family and co-workers made excuses for the changes in her personality and cognitive abilities. Prior to this accident, Ms. KM was an educator. Following this accident and her head injury she could no longer function in that capacity. She was eventually forced to retire. As a result of the work of this office, a lawsuit was filed. Experts in neuropsychology were hired to evaluate and detail the loss of cognitive ability. As a result of our efforts Ms. KM received a structured settlement valued at 1.3 million dollars. The settlement provided her with enough cash to purchase a home, lump sum cash payments over a 15-year period together with a monthly annuity with a 4% annual cost of living increase to provide for her future needs.


Mr. KS

Mr. KS is 51 year old truck driver who suffered a fall while working resulting in low back pain together with neck and shoulder pain. After weeks of physical therapy, he returned to work only to re-aggravate his original low back injury. After weeks of physical therapy, he continued to suffer from low back and leg pain. His chronic pain and inability to perform his previous work led to a depression which further complicated his recovery. Through the efforts of our office, Mr. KS was awarded total disability benefits after hearing before an administrative judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents. This office was also successful in obtaining monthly Social Security Disability Benefits payments for this client.


Mr. FH

Working Foreman at a Factory in Framingham, MA, one winter night while exiting the loading ramp he slipped and fell striking his head and suffered a concussion. He would later develop severe neck pain and headaches. The pain and headaches were so severe that our client could no longer perform his job. Despite the lack of objective medical evidence (such as CT scans or MRI showing the cause of his pain and disability), Mahaney Law office was able to convince an administrative judge at the Industrial Accident Board to award permanent total disability benefits for over 15 years. The employee would eventually receive a cash settlement of $250,000.00.