Attorney Mahaney Defines “Law Boutique”

I often refer to my practice as a boutique. As a litigator, I become involved in areas of legal practice that are not my current field of practice. Litigation involving Estates, Trust, Employment and business law, Contracts and more. As a litigator I am trained to present diverse legal issues before judges and juries, administrative and regulatory bodies.

This requires my association with lawyers and legal experts in numerous areas where conflict and judicial resolution become necessary.
In the course of almost 40 years of practice we have developed a network of lawyers, and other legal resources that I call on for assistance and to whom we also refer our clients

In the end my office provides our clients with an eclectic network of professionals, who, in addition to our own talents, serves as a boutique through which most personal and business issues can be addressed.

In 40 years we have gleaned a network of experienced, talented, ethical, trustful and compassionate colleagues that we work with and refer to.
This, I believe , gives us the ability, to provide or refer the services to our clients, of a larger firm while maintaining our individual concentration and passion for our chosen area of practice. Each member of the eclectic network is able to draw on the experience and professional expertise of the others. Hence my description of Mahaney Law Office as a legal Boutique, not a large department store (a Law Firm) but an intimate collection of specialists draw together as an eclectic network.