Whether caused by a work related accident, Auto/Motorcycle/Truck accident, a Slip and Fall, or Assault and Battery, Personal Injuries are cases unique to the individual or individuals involved and can run the scale of a minor temporary disabling event to a catastrophic permanent life changing event leaving the client without the ability to care for him/herself.

Personal Injury

Accidents involving motor vehicles make up most of the personal injury cases in the United States. When an accident occurs it is typically because someone has neglected to observe the rules of the road or to drive as carefully as they ought to. Careless driving can, and typically does, result in the driver being held financially responsible for any injuries stemming from the accident, though exceptions do exist.

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Medical Malpractice claims arise when a medical professional fails to provide competent and correct care to a patient, resulting in injury. Medical Malpractice claims often involve serious medical harm and can be among some of the most complex to try.

Slip and fall cases are another highly common kind of personal injury case and typically involve the owner, or renter, of property having neglected their legal duty to maintain a safe environment. The result of this neglect is injury to an individual. While not all cases will involve liability on the part of the property owner, the landowner’s legal duty is determined depending on the specific location and situation.

Defamation of character, namely libel or slander, occurs when a person suffers injury to their reputation due to false statements made by another party. The burden of proof in each individual case is determined on a case-by-case basis and often involves the determination of the power of the plaintiff’s unmarked reputation.

Intentional torts, unlike the types of negligent personal injury cases listed above, are not based on the negligence of the defendant rather on an intent to cause physical harm. These cases typically involve added aspects of compensation including in some cases punitive damages.