Project Description

Mr. DB was the son and co-executor of his father’s estate. Together with his sister, they were charged with administering that Estate for the benefit of all the siblings. This duty included gathering the father’s assets and after paying all final bills, dividing the balance amongst their siblings. Mr. AB’s sister was in possession of bank accounts which she held jointly with deceased father during his lifetime and she refused to include this amount in the Estate. This law office, on behalf of Mr. B brought an action against the sister to recover the funds she had taken. Enlisting the cooperation of the deceased father’s previous lawyer, this office was able to prove that the funds were held in joint name for the convenience of the father while he was alive and that it was never the father’s intention to give those accounts to his daughter and exclude his other children. After trial in the Probate and Family Court, the Judge ordered the bank accounts and other items turned over to the Estate, removed the daughter as co-executor, and ordered the daughter to pay this firm’s attorney’s fees and costs.