Project Description

Ms. CR had previously received a divorce and was struggling to make ends meet with modest child support being paid by her former husband. After the divorce, Ms.R’s ex-husband left his previous employment and began his own company. Eventually this company became very successful, hiring approximately fifteen (15) employees. This office was hired to seek Modification of the previous Child Support Order reflecting Mr. AR’s increased income from his new business. Despite Mr. AR’s statements to the contrary, through the efforts of this office and the use of a forensic accountant his stated annual income of fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars was shown to be false. A forensic accountant analyzing company records determined his income to be in excess of two hundred fifty thousand ($250,000.00) dollars. The husband had been paying most of his personal expenses through the business account and taking them as deductions. The court awarded a substantial increase in Child Support together with requiring Mr. AR to pay our fees and costs.