Project Description

Ms. KM was a passenger on a motorcycle operated by her husband. A car approaching the motorcycle from the opposite direction suddenly turned in front of them. Ms. KM was thrown from the bike striking her head on the curb. Ms. KM would spend months in a coma before regaining consciousness. After release from the hospital she began to exhibit the symptoms of severe head injury which went unnoticed. Family and co-workers made excuses for the changes in her personality and cognitive abilities. Prior to this accident, Ms. KM was an educator. Following this accident and her head injury she could no longer function in that capacity. She was eventually forced to retire. As a result of the work of this office, a lawsuit was filed. Experts in neuropsychology were hired to evaluate and detail the loss of cognitive ability. As a result of our efforts Ms. KM received a structured settlement valued at 1.3 million dollars. The settlement provided her with enough cash to purchase a home, lump sum cash payments over a 15-year period together with a monthly annuity with a 4% annual cost of living increase to provide for her future needs.