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Mr. KS


Mr. KS is 51 year old truck driver who suffered a fall while working resulting in low back pain together with neck and shoulder pain. After weeks of physical therapy, he returned to work only to re-aggravate his original low back injury. After weeks of physical therapy, he continued to suffer from low back and leg pain. His chronic pain and inability to perform his previous work led to a depression which further complicated his recovery. Through the efforts of our office, Mr. KS was awarded total disability benefits after hearing before an administrative judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents. This office was also successful in obtaining monthly Social Security Disability Benefits payments for this client.

Mr. FH


Working Foreman at a Factory in Framingham, MA, one winter night while exiting the loading ramp he slipped and fell striking his head and suffered a concussion. He would later develop severe neck pain and headaches. The pain and headaches were so severe that our client could no longer perform his job. Despite the lack of objective medical evidence (such as CT scans or MRI showing the cause of his pain and disability), Mahaney Law office was able to convince an administrative judge at the Industrial Accident Board to award permanent total disability benefits for over 15 years. The employee would eventually receive a cash settlement of $250,000.00.

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